The Vet's Place Ghana


We Care For Your Pet’s Needs Completely





The Vet's Place provides complete veterinary services for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and pocket pets in a friendly environment. We offer comprehensive services at reasonable rates

  • Routine procedures such as spays (ovario-hysterectomy)
  • Neutering (Castration) dogs and cats
  • Internal Medicine and General Surgery
  • Dental care, (scale polish extractions)
  • Microchiping and Registration of Pets
  • Geriatric Care
  • Advice on Puppy/kitten care
  • Reproductive Service
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Service
  • X-ray (radiological) Examinations.
  • Exotic petcare and advice (Birds, snakes Terrapins , Totortoies etc)
  • Routine Medical Examinations
  • Veterinary Pharmacieuticals
  • Ambulatory Services (emergency home visits).
* We facilitate the acquisition of import and export permits and we offer advice on schedules that best suit your travel plans